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ASP (Active Server Pages)
CGI (Common Gateway Interface)

CommKal Hosting Solutions provides our clients with web hosting accounts that permit use of CGI files, ASP scripts, and other executable programs. Because these scripts use much more system resources than standard HTML pages, certain restrictions must be made governing the use of such "active content" systems. We regret that in many cases, we are unable to determine what specific script or application is causing the system resource over-run. Under most circumstances, we are able to pinpoint it only to the offending account on the system.

  • The script must use low system resources. Scripts that consume a large amount of RAM or processor (CPU) cycles will be subject to termination or an additional fee.
  • Each user account may not use more than 1% of system resources for any extended period of time.
  • The scripts may not interact with any server configuration or hardware. Running these scripts are subject to an immediate account cancellation without refund.
  • The script can not be used or referenced from any other site without prior written approval from CommKal Hosting Solutions. Scripts of this type include, but are not limited to, banner ad rotation scripts, counter scripts, form-to-mail scripts, and/or any other script that can be accessed from other web sites.
  • The script must execute in a timely fashion. Any script that uses the processor for more than a few milliseconds is subject to removal.
  • Any script that appears to be designed specifically to attack or otherwise maliciously affect the server will result in immediate account termination. We will also turn any such violation over to appropriate law enforcement agencies.
  • Perl-based chat room scripts are strictly prohibited.

Any accounts with scripts found in violation of these policies are subject to future scrutiny of all cgi or ASP by our Systems Administrator. If a script is found to be harmful to the system, it will be killed immediately and the account locked down until the account owners have been contacted. This will be billed to the account at a rate of $40 per hour. Malicious scripts are subject to immediate account cancellation.

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