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CommKal Managed Servers

The ultimate in web server hosting, CommKal Hosting Solutions' exclusive managed server solutions are your best choice for dedicated server functionality. We custom build every one of our top performing servers, so you are not limited by the 'appliance-in-a-box' solutions that others call dedicated servers.

We provide custom configurations to ensure that your specific needs are fully realized in your dedicated server hosting environment. We do NOT use hardware sharing technologies such as blade servers, virtual machines, shared clusters, etc. Of course you have these options, but unless you request them, your server hardware is fully dedicated to your usage only.

With traditional dedicated servers, it is left to the customer to provide all of their own technical staff and system administration. And if you as the customer don't have the experience to administer your dedicated server(s), many providers charge upwards of $200 per hour for web server administration!

With CommKal Managed Servers, you'll never have to worry about keeping technicians on-staff to support your dedicated server(s). We take the IT costs and the worry out of dedicated server management. Our managed server solutions include the server hardware and software, the rackspace, the bandwidth, and we provide the technical staff, too. We handle all system administration chores, including server configuration, software and security updates, domain setups, maintenance, etc. - all things you'd normally have to hire your own technical staff to handle.

You get the speed, reliability, security, and peace of mind that comes with having your own dedicated server(s). At the same time you have the ease of use without the labor costs, benefits that you normally only get with a shared hosting account. CommKal Managed Servers include free, unlimited technical support and system administration via our online Service Call System, and also telephone support which includes the ability to reach us via pager 24/7/365 in case of an emergency with your server.

Your server(s) are added to our 24-hour monitoring systems. This means that our technical staff is alerted to all server outages within minutes of when they occur. Unlike some dedicated server providers who include only basic ping monitoring and then charge additional fees for 'port monitoring', our full service monitoring is included at no extra charge to you. This means that if any of the services running on your dedicated server(s) are not performing properly, we are alerted within minutes, allowing us to correct the problem quickly.

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