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CommKal Hosting Solutions is dedicated to our clients' success in their online endeavors. We specialize in Windows Server web hosting, for the simple reason that, in our opinion, companies that don't specialize generally don't provide the level of service that is needed to provide solutions for successful hosting applications.

Founded in March 1998, CommKal Hosting Solutions (formerly Hosting Solutions) is considered a leader in the Windows Server web hosting community. At CommKal Hosting Solutions, we feel that offering fast, friendly, personal service is key.

Our online Service Call System provides a fast and effective way to communicate directly with our tech support staff.

Our Billing site provides information and payment options for our clients.

Our Corporate Name - Communiqué Kaleidoscope, Inc.

Dictionary Definitions for:

Communiqué: 1. A brief public report, intended for immediate release on a matter of public interest. 2. A periodical publication.
Kaleidoscope: 1. A tube-shaped optical instrument which produces symmetrical designs by reflecting constantly changing patterns. 2. A constantly changing set of colors. 3. A series of changing phases or events.

What our name means to us:

We continuously provide our clients with an evolving range of services and options, full of possibilities in the ever changing Internet environment; through which our clients can relay their messages and information to the world at large.

We understand that Communiqué Kaleidoscope, Inc. can be a bit cumbersome to say in passing, so we welcome you to simply refer to us as CommKal Hosting Solutions or even just CommKal if you prefer.

We welcome you to contact us with any questions about our company and hosting services.

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