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Reseller Program FAQ

Can I Resell Your Services?

YES! CommKal Hosting Solutions welcomes resellers! You know that if you want to be successful in this business, you need to make sure your clients are satisfied. And what keeps clients satisfied? Reliability, options, service, and price. By reselling CommKal Hosting Solutions' services, you can guarantee your clients everything above, and more! And, the best part is, you retain your clients!
Unlike other companies' reseller plans, you're not just handing over clients in exchange for a small percentage. You are getting your own clients, and keeping all the profits for yourself! The profit and growth potential with our Reseller program is among the best anywhere!

But I don't want my clients to know that I'm a reseller!

Our Reseller program provides complete anonymity, and allows you to build your own business with virtually no start-up costs. By outsourcing the hosting to us, you do not have to experience the costly overhead associated with web hosting, or invest in IT in order to be successful.
When your clients have technical support issues, they go to you, and then you submit a Service Call. We'll respond to your Service Call, and you can inform the clients directly of our solution. In the same manner, when you need to add a Hosted Domain or a feature to an existing client's Hosted Domain, simply visit our Reseller Center and submit the appropriate request form.
Your clients will have no contact with us at all. We have strict policies which ensure that we communicate only with you for all of your clients' needs.

What if they run a traceroute - can they tell?

No! CommKal Hosting Solutions will not show up in any traceroute that your clients run. The only identifying factor that will show up is that of our upstream provider, and since you could have purchased connectivity through them, your clients will not know that you are Reselling with us. In fact, if they determine your IP address and run a reverse lookup on it, your domain name will show up as being assigned to that IP address!
On the other hand, if they run a whois lookup on your (or their) domain name, they will see our name servers listed. This can be avoided, however, quite easily. For a $25.00 setup fee (no monthly fee), we will provide DNS service for your own name servers. You could then register and transfer domain names using your own name servers! WhoIs records would indicate (for example) NS1.YOURSERVER.COM and NS2.YOURSERVER.COM. We would continue to provide the DNS services, but your clients would see your name server information in their InterNIC records.

You mentioned an online Service Call system. How long will I have to wait for support?

Technical support requests, including new Hosted Domain and account feature setups, are usually completed within a few hours - always within 24 hours.

I have a need for speed - how can you guarantee my clients web sites will be served up fast?

CommKal Hosting Solutions' servers are custom built (no appliance-in-a-box here!) and are made for the specific purposes that they serve. Whether it's a database server, web server, or just a utility server, your clients' accounts will be hosted on servers that perform with the reliability and speed that is needed to provide a world class Internet presence.
CommKal Hosting Solutions maintains Tier1 connectivity to the Internet for all of its hosting servers. This means that your clients' accounts are hosted as close to the Internet backbone as possible. Multiple redundant T3 and OC3 connectivity means virtually unlimited traffic potential, and unbeatable network reliability. Our upstream's nationwide network has dark fiber connectivity to many of the major national ISPs and many international network carriers, ensuring that your clients' web sites will display quickly regardless of the viewer's location.

Still not convinced?

Read about our Reseller benefits or review our Reseller Program details.

I have more questions - how can I get them answered?

Easy! Just e-mail us at info@commkal.com or call us at +1 480-998-1843. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

OK, I'm convinced! How do I sign up?

Just go to our signup form and sign up for the Reseller program! We're excited to have you as a CommKal Hosting Solutions Reseller!
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