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Reseller Program Benefits

Priority Service

We process your requests quickly and precisely, knowing that you need to verify completion of the requests and then respond to your clients. We understand that your clients' requests cannot be delayed.

Simplified Billing

Our Reseller program provides you with a single bill that is clearly marked for each chargeable item. The Reseller Program details clearly show options and chargeable items (no hidden fees). We will provide specific pricing information to verified Reseller candidates so that you can set your pricing (profit margin) up front, and know how much you need to charge your clients for any specific item they request for their account.

Low start-up costs

When you become a CommKal Hosting Solutions Reseller, you pay a nominal setup fee for the Reseller account only (no per domain setup fee).

No long term commitments

You can choose your billing cycle (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually), and you can cancel your account at any time knowing that you will receive a prorated refund of your hosting fees. This along with our uptime and 30-day money back guarantees ensure that you are not 'trapped' in a less-than-desirable hosting environment.

Real value

There are basically 3 types of programs that are typically offered to Resellers: multiple account discounts; multiple account plans with preset resource usage limits; and discounts for client referrals. As a Reseller under these programs you end up with either multiple bills, or you have to keep track of discounts which should be credited to you.
Those who offer these Reseller programs generally:
Charge per domain ('multiple account') setup fees (inflating your costs)
Require you to commit for a year to receive their advertised rate
Do not refund or prorate hosting fees even if you cancel 'prematurely'
Our Reseller program does not suffer any of these drawbacks, and we provide you with per domain pricing that is comparable to the rates charged by those who require yearly commitments.

Incentive to build your Reseller business!

Our Reseller program includes an incentive bonus not offered by others: When your total recurring monthly hosting fees (add-ons included) reach $500 per month, we will place your accounts in a dedicated server under our Managed Server I plan at no extra cost to you! This represents a $100 monthly savings off of our regular MS I plan pricing, and from that point on you can request us to add as many Hosted Domains as your server can handle, and pay no per domain hosting fees.
Please note: If you are planning to add or transfer at least 50 hosting accounts within the first 3 months of sign-up, we will provide you with a dedicated server under the terms of this incentive bonus offer, at the time that you join our Reseller Program. By avoiding excessive short term changes, a smoother transition will be ensured for your clients' accounts.
If you wish to start out your Reseller account with a dedicated server, please be sure to contact us before you sign up for your account. Thank you.

Still not convinced?

Read our Reseller FAQ or review our Reseller Program details.

I have more questions - how can I get them answered?

Easy! Just e-mail us at info@commkal.com or call us at +1 480-998-1843. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

OK, I'm convinced! How do I sign up?

Just go to our signup form and sign up for the Reseller program! We're excited to have you as a CommKal Hosting Solutions Reseller!

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