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Service Policies

CommKal Hosting Solutions will not allow any abuse of its e-mail system. Such abuses include (but are not limited to) use of the system to send Unsolicited Bulk E-mail, sending "mail bombs" or other such malicious messages, distributing computer viruses via file attachments, or sending excessively large files (those over 3 MB) via e-mail.

CommKal Hosting Solutions' clients are not permitted to leave e-mail on the server. All e-mail must be downloaded and deleted from the server at least once per week. If your e-mail box reaches more than 50 MB in size, you will be asked to retrieve your mail. Failure to do so will result in deletion of the e-mail within the box.

Clients are forbidden from running mailing lists through their POP3 / IMAP4 accounts. We realize that there are several mailing list softwares available that allow you to use a standard POP3 account in conjunction with your home computer to manage mailing lists. We will cancel any account which we find is using such a system. Clients are also prohibited from utilizing software that creates e-mail products or services (such as POP3 or IMAP4 mailboxes, mailing lists, or aliases) independantly of our mail servers because it limits our ability to control e-mail abuse if e-mail is not managed by our mail servers. Mailing list servers run from the CGI-BIN directory, or run via ASP or any other programming language, are not permitted. All mailing lists on our servers must run through the mailing list server software that we provide. Exceptions are made only if the client requests permission in advance and the program is examined by our tech staff and found to be non-problematic.

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