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Feature Details

Setup Fee

This is a one time fee charged when we set-up your account. As of June 1999, we are no longer charging setup fees for account plans listed under our Hosting Services. You can choose to upgrade to a higher level account without incurring upgrade charges.

Monthly Fee

This is the re-curring amount that you will be billed each month.

Disk Space

This is the total size that your account files use on our servers. Note that we do not include your log files, like some providers do, when calculating your disk space usage.

Monthly Traffic

This is the amount of data transfer that you are allowed to use with your account. Web site visitors, email messages, and file uploads/downloads all transfer data between our servers and the Internet. This data is logged and measured. You will be notified if your account is exceeding its allowable traffic per month.
Note: Some providers incorrectly refer to "traffic" as "bandwidth".

Dedicated IP Address

Your site will have a fixed IP address.

IP Addresses

For reseller accounts, this is the number of IP addresses that you will be allowed to delegate to your clients.

E-mail Users

POP3/IMAP4 E-mail users allow you to send and receive e-mail messages with programs like Netscape Messenger, Eudora, Microsoft Outlook, or any other other POP3/IMAP4 enabled mail client. Each user allows you to have a unique e-mail address.
(eg. myname@mydomain.com)

POP3/IMAP4 Mailboxes

POP3/IMAP4 Mailboxes allow you to have multiple mailboxes in a single user login for your mail server. This can be useful for temporarily storing Sent mail, Deleted mail, or for diverting incoming messages which fail SPAM filtering rules so that you can later review and delete those messages without needing to download them to your computer with your regular mail client.

Alternate SMTP

This feature allows you to send outgoing e-mail messages with your mail server, even if your ISP or firewall is blocking SMTP port 25!

E-mail Forwarding

This feature allows you to have e-mail messages that are sent to a POP3 user automatically forward to another address.

E-mail Aliases

E-mail aliases allow you to have more than one address per mailbox. For example, you could be superman@earth.com AND you could be clark_kent@earth.com. Mail sent to either alias would be delivered to the same mailbox.

E-mail Scanning Services

All E-mail is scanned for harmful viruses and SPAM/UCE activity. Messages containing viruses are blocked and you are sent a notice of this action. Certain characteristics indicate SPAM/UCE activity, and headers are added to incoming e-mail, allowing you to filter out suspected SPAM/UCE.

Catch-All E-mail Account

Any mail sent to your domain that is undeliverable will be delivered to this account, ensuring that you get any e-mail sent to your domain.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists let you send e-mail to many subscribers, quickly and easily. This is a great feature for periodicals such as newsletters that need to be delivered to a large number of people. Note: Mailing lists are restricted to text only messages (no attachments). Each list is limited to 1000 subscribers (but multiple lists can be combined).

E-mail Control Panel

You can completely administer your e-mail from an easy to use, web-based control panel. Add, remove or edit mailboxes and aliases all from your own private control panel.

E-mail Web Messaging

Read and send e-mail from any web browser! This feature makes it easy to use e-mail from any computer connected to the internet that has a web browser!

Web Calendaring

Your mail server also includes web calendaring. Each user's calendar tracks schedules, contacts, to-do items, and notes; stores appointments and recurring events; and can send email reminders of these items.

FTP Login Accounts

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, allows you to send files directly to a private directory on our servers where your web site is stored. Extra accounts are useful if you have multiple people updating your web site concurrently.

Secure FTP Access

SFTP enables your data to be secured via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption for all FTP file transfers. Your FTP client must support secure (SFTP) connections to use this feature.

SharePoint Team Services Users

Users which you have invited to be part of your SharePoint Team Services web site. These users are normally team members, and can contribute to your site's features dependant on the user role that you have assigned each user.

ASP Support

ASP, or Active Server Pages, allow you to create dynamic web sites through scripts that are run on the server side.


This is a private place to store your CGI scripts that can be run on the server to create dynamic web sites. For more information on CGI, please visit our help desk.

System CGI Scripts

These are CGI scripts that are included on our systems. Form to e-mail processing and Counters are among the scripts offered.

Space Can Be Resold

This means that you can sell the disk space to others at your own risk and expense. You are responsible for technical support for your customers. If you plan to re-sell web space exclusively, please look at our Reseller Program.

Server Side Includes

Your site is enabled with Server Side Includes (SSI)


ODBC DSN stands for Open DataBase Connectivity - Database Source Name. Each DSN allows your web site to connect to a separate database through ASP, CGI or some other scripting language.

Microsoft Index Server

Microsoft Index Server will index the information on your web pages, allowing you to have a search page for your visitors. This search method is many times faster than CGI script searches and the default FrontPage WAIS searches; a benefit to your viewers if your site contains more than 250 pages.

Custom 404 Error Pages

A 404 error page is displayed whenever someone makes a request for a page on your site that is no longer there. You can create a custom 404 error page that displays whatever information you want your visitors to see.

Live Web Site Statistics

Our LiveStats service allows you to see how many people have visited your site, and which pages are being viewed in real time. You can track everything from page hits, user sessions, data transfer, web referrals, search engine keywords, and much more! A truly unique and powerful feature!

Sub Domain Accounts

If your account allows it, you can host multiple domain names under one account. Each domain points to its own web site, mail server, and ftp server.

Parked Domains

This allows you to use multiple domain names with your account features. Each parked domain works the same as your main domain name, pointing to the same web site, mail server, etc.
(eg me.com and me-too.com)

Place-Holder Domains

This allows you to host temporary sites without having to reserve another domain name.
(eg dev.mydomain.com or temp.mydomain.com)

DNS Name Servers

This allows you to have your own DNS (Domain Name Service) name servers for use when registering or transferring domain names.
(eg ns1.yourdomain.com)

Microsoft® FrontPage® server extensions

Your web site can have the easy to use, yet very powerful Microsoft® FrontPage® server extensions, allowing you to completely manage your account with Microsoft® FrontPage®. Note: If you use FTP on your Microsoft® FrontPage® extended web site, you may damage the Microsoft® FrontPage® server extensions, and you will be charged a nominal recovery fee of $5.00 per occurrence.

Media Streams

You can have streaming audio or video in your web site.

Online Tech Support

Our online tech support is second to none. We take pride in our ability to provide solutions to problems, quickly and easily. If you can't find the answer in our help desk, just submit a Service Call and we will solve your problem quickly. You can even track the progress of your problems as we solve them!

Rack Space

This is the physical space allocated for your server to reside in. Your server must fit within the allocated dimensions, so be sure to measure its case.

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